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S.M. ENGINEERING INC. TO: MR. HARRISON MILLER JR. FROM: CLIO CHINTIS SUBJECT: RECCOMENDATION FOR THE REPLACEMENT OF THE OUTDATED FORKLIFT DATE: 5/6/2009 DISTRIBUTION: VP FOR PURCHASING, S.M. ENGINEERING INC. FOREWARD: For several years we have been moving our raw materials from the loading dock to the beginning of the production line and taking finished products from the Packaging Department back to the loading dock with our outdated red forklift. The forklift hoists 600 pounds on a platform 8 feet high at 10 mph. Although no injuries have occurred while using this machine, the repeat break downs cause us to lose days of production and thousands of dollars in annual repairs. SUMMARY: Your company is losing money due to a faulty and outdated forklift. Annual repairs costing thousands of dollars are being thrown away into this machine. Rather than wasting money on this outdated and damaged piece of equipment I present two alternatives that will increase production and profit. The two alternatives are replacing the outdated forklift with either a gasoline forklift or an electric
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forklift memo - S M ENG I NEERI NG I NC TO FROM SUBJECT...

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