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S.M. ENGINEERING INC. 1234 MAIN STREET DETROIT, MICHIGAN 48201 TO: MR. HARRISON E. MILLER JR., VP FOR PURCHASING, S.M. ENGINEERING INC. FROM: CLIO CHINTIS, PRODUCTION CONSULTANT, S.M. ENGINEERING INC. SUBJECT: RECCOMENDATION FOR THE REPLACEMENT OF THE OUTDATED FORKLIFT DATE: MARCH 29, 2007 DISTRIBUTION: MR. JASON VANOVER FOREWARD: For several years our company has been moving raw materials from the loading dock to the beginning of the production line and then taking finished products from the Packaging Department back to the loading dock with our antiquated red forklift. The forklift we have also slows production with its carrying capacity of only 600 pounds up to a platform 8 feet high at 10 mph. Mr. Jason Vanover, the production engineer at our plant, put me in charge of evaluating data on various other forklift models and to come up with a better alternative than repairing the present forklift. I am recommending that for a low cost to the company, a new forklift is needed to increase production. A brand new, state of the line forklift will not only carry heavier loads, but will also be able to carry that load at a faster rate. Rather than paying thousands of dollars in annual repairs for our present outdated forklift, the purchase of a new forklift would be both justified and cost efficient. In this report I will analyze the alternatives and recommend the best option. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:
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forklift memo final - S.M. ENGINEERING INC . 1234 MAIN...

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