Evaluative Paper Superheroes

Evaluative Paper Superheroes - Milo Klos November 17, 2007...

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Milo Klos November 17, 2007 Broadbent ENGL 101 I Wanna Fight Crime! Bat mask? Check. Black cape? Check. Trademark utility belt filled with assorted sharp objects found throughout the house? Double check. As I finished adorning the suit that made me the coolest thing in the Mitchell’s house, I snuck into the living room, martial arts prowess at the ready. It was eerily quiet as I crawled about the rug, when suddenly William burst out from the couch, sporting his red cape and blue S-branded t-shirt. Reacting as quickly as I could, I chucked a drink coaster batarang at him, but somehow he dodged it; jumping off the couch, William yelled, “Peewwww!!! Peewww!!! I just fried you with my heat ray vision!” “Nuh-uh! I used my heightened bat senses to dodge it, and threw another batarang at you!” “What?! You can’t just say you threw a batarang!” “Well, YOU can’t just say that you shoot stuff from your eyes!!” “Fine, then I’ll use my superhuman strength to punch you!” And he punched me. Being seven, my natural reaction was, of course, to tattle; while it wasn’t a very superhero thing to do, this was usually how superhero battles ended. From the time I was a kid until now, I’ve stood by the assertion that Batman is a better superhero than Superman. What makes a superhero? Dictionary.com defines it as “A hero… possessing extraordinary, often magical powers.” By this definition, Superman is the perfect superhero; he can freeze and burn anything with his various rays, see through walls with x-ray vision, and of course, he is nearly invincible, so if you shoot him, the bullets bounce off his body like a rubber ball on a brick wall. But is that really what people want from their superhero? It used to be that kids would look up to any superhero that came along, as long as he had some cool powers that set him apart from the rest of the pack, but now that the market has become crowded with Beetle Men and Burger Men, it boils down to which hero they can truly want to become. When looking
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Evaluative Paper Superheroes - Milo Klos November 17, 2007...

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