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Policy Argument - Milo Klos 12/12/2007 ENGL 101 Broadbent...

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Milo Klos 12/12/2007 ENGL 101 Broadbent Policy Argument When I was a junior in high school, I was sitting in my AP Enlgish & Compostion class, when this girl Lauren Jones came dragging in. She is a very chatty girl, full of energy, and never looks sad in the least, so when she shuffled to the back of the class and didn’t speak a word for an hour, everyone began to wonder what was wrong. At first, she claimed that she was fine, and we went on with class; but about five minutes later, she burst out into uncontrollable crying. After a lot of coaxing on our part, she revealed that the previous night, she and her friends had been drinking in her driveway, and that they had gotten mind-numbingly drunk. One of her friends decided that she should drive herself home before anyone got in trouble, and threw her car into reverse, and sped out of the driveway, hitting Lauren on the way, and dragging her about fifteen feet down the driveway. Lauren had tire marks all over her legs, quite a few bad bruises, and a large gash down her thigh. She lived, but if this girl had hit her about three more feet to the left, one of the pipes under the car would have hit Lauren in the face, which would have almost certainly done irreparable damage, if she didn’t die. Since then, Lauren has been to the hospital three more times for alcohol poisoning, arrested twice for public
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Milo Klos 12/12/2007 ENGL 101 Broadbent drunkenness, and about a week ago, passed out in the room next to me; I know this because I woke up to a loud bang, and when I went next door to investigate, the door was open, and Lauren had obviously hit her head on the counter when she blacked out, and all the guys in the room were just laughing at her. I took her to the hospital to make sure she didn’t have a concussion, and when I asked her why she did things like this, she seemed clueless as to why what she had been doing was wrong. So
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Policy Argument - Milo Klos 12/12/2007 ENGL 101 Broadbent...

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