Definitional Argument Paper

Definitional Argument Paper - Milo Klos ENGL 101 10/09/07...

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Milo Klos ENGL 101 10/09/07 Bad Cop, Worse Cop Jack Bauer has just gotten his hands on the latest foreign threat to America, and has dragged him back to CTU for another nail-biting interrogation. After a few claims of innocence and ignorance, Bauer orders his fellow interrogator to inject the bastard with some agonizing, pain-inducing chemical. The suspect’s face contorts, and he cries out in pain, but his dedication to his cause causes him to leave his lips sealed. Not a fan of silence when it comes to his mother- country, Bauer flips the table over in a fit of rage, and kicks the suspect up against the wall; he gets uncomfortably close to the man’s face, usually with some sharpened object in his hand, and forgoes any more chemical questioning, and skips straight to threatening the man’s life. Awesome, at least, to the millions of viewers who tuned in to see their one-man army take down nuclear threat after nuclear threat. But when reports that our own government is condoning such torturous and inhumane acts in the Middle East, it makes one wonder if maybe they sit down and watch “24” before any legislation is passed. Once one of the most notorious prisons in the world, Abu Ghraib was taken over by U.S. forces, and completely renovated into a much nicer U.S. military prison. Any prisoners taken would enjoy the luxuries of their confinement, so much in fact, that General Janis Karpinsky, an Army reserve brigadier general, joked that “…living conditions now are [so much] better that at home…we were concerned that they wouldn’t want to leave.” Yes, the inmates came to learn were different than anything than anything they could have dreamed of. A typical “prisoner”
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was a woman or teenager, who had picked up on shaky charges, and thrown into jail, where the conditions were state-of-the-art, but the treatment was primitive. Most of the officers in charge weren’t trained to be running the facility, but had they been, maybe they wouldn’t have been so inclined to commit the heinous crimes that they did. Soldiers made it common practice to constantly humiliate male prisoners by making them pose
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Definitional Argument Paper - Milo Klos ENGL 101 10/09/07...

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