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Chapter10(Practicequestion) - Chapter 10-Unemployment and...

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Chapter 10—Unemployment and Its Natural Rate 1. The natural rate of unemployment is the a. unemployment rate that would prevail with zero inflation. b. rate associated with the highest possible level of GDP. c. difference between the long-run and short-run unemployment rates. d. amount of unemployment that the economy normally experiences. 2. Which of the following is correct? 3. Which list includes all the categories into which Statistics Canada divides the adult population? 4. Sally is on a temporary layoff from the factory where she makes plastic tableware. If Sally participates in the Statistics Canada survey, she will be classified as 5. Which of the following correctly ranks categories from smallest to largest according to recent Canadian values? a. unemployed, employed, not in labour force b. unemployed, not in labour force, employed c. not in labour force, employed, unemployed d. not in labour force, unemployed, employed 6. Which of the following definitions is correct? 7. Matt loses his job and decides to sit around at home for a few months. Ceteris paribus, the unemployment rate 8. Tara has just finished school, but she is going to roam around the country awhile before she starts looking for work. As a result, the unemployment rate
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