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Aron Sufiyev Address: Flat 0, Any Road, Any Town, Postcode Email:[email protected]|Telephone: +44 000 000 000 PERSONAL STATEMENT An organised, driven, hardworking student with an excellent educational record, passion for health and wellbeing and extensive experience in hospital settings. Has extensive knowledge of the human body and medical solutions through extra-curricular study. A highly approachable, positive individual with good people skills as well as the ability to lead, make critical decisions and work to deadlines. Seeking to pursue every avenue to achieve a career in medicine. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 04/2018 – Present Healthcare Assistant (P/T)| Hospital, City, Country Provides extensive clinical and bedside support to the Registered Nurse in the care of patients Receives consistent positive commendations from patients for bedside support and care Observes, monitors and records conditions by taking temperature, pulse, respiration and weight measurements Assists with giving medication Provides personal care including infection prevention/control, feeding and personal hygiene Extensive patient and family liaison with the aim to provide reassurance and comfort
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