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Greg Stoker February 4, 2008 Professor Linck FNPL-101 Inflation Goods costing $1.00 in 1970 cost approximately $5.34 in the year 2007. I was born in 1987, and the average rate of inflation from my year of birth to 2006 was approximately 3.00% according to . This information would be surprising had I not already known about the high rates of inflation we as a nation have faced. It is all over the news that the dollar continues to decline in value, and as a result,
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Unformatted text preview: inflation continues to grow. A number of factors are contributing to inflation in America, and it may get even worse. Inflation is very important to the field of financial planning. In order to plan for the future financially, one must be able to predict the value of currency in the future. Studying economic trends from the past such as inflation rates is the only way for people to see into the future financially and prepare themselves for the economic climate. ....
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