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Global Interview Questions - Global Interview Questions 1....

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Global Interview Questions 1. What country did you live in, and for how long? 2. Describe your home in that country. What was the house/ neighborhood/ town that you lived in like? 3. What sorts of values were emphasized most in that culture? 4. What was your favorite thing about living there? 5. What was your least favorite thing about living there? 6. How old were you when you moved to America, and who did you come with? 7. What was it like moving to America? 8. Did you experience a lot of culture shock moving to America? 9. Do you think that American stereotypes such as that we are all stupid and arrogant are true? 10. Do you still keep contact with people in that country? 11. Do those people look down on Americans? 12. How do people in that country react to Americans? 13. Why do people there like/dislike Americans? 14. Is gender socialization similar in that country to the gender socialization seen in the U.S.? 15. Can you think of any normal things in America that may have negative sanctions in the country you used to live in? 16. What are politics like in the country you lived in? 17. How does the political scene in that country vary from that in the U.S.? 18. What misconceptions, if any, do Americans have about the country you lived in?
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George Abunassar was born and raised in Nazareth, Israel. Mr. Abunassar lived in Nazareth until 1975, when at the age of 18, he moved to the United States to attend the University of Maryland at College Park. Having lived the first eighteen years of his life in Israel, Mr. Abunassar was able to gain a complete understanding of the culture and can now compare it to that of the United States. I met Mr. Abunassar about three years ago; he is the father of my friend Katrina Abunassar. Mr. Abunassar began giving me extensive insight into life in Nazareth before I was even able to begin running through my questions. He largely seemed to point out vast differences and comical similarities. He started with detailing his childhood home.
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Global Interview Questions - Global Interview Questions 1....

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