Journal 4 - powers First in the federalism system the...

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Stoker 1 Greg Stoker Dr. Seabold POLI-101 September 30, 2007 What are the significance of federalism and the separation of powers as a means of organizing political and governmental affairs? In order to understand how federalism and separation of powers are means of organizing American government, one must understand the often confused difference between the two. Federalism is a system in which governing power is divided between levels of government such as federal, state, and local. This is really the true division of powers in government. Separation of powers refers to the division of governing power within each level of government. For example, at the federal level, there are the executive, judicial, and congressional branches; all of which oversee each other in a series of checks and balances. As for how these two principles are a means of organizing our political and governmental affairs, government in America is organized through a system of federalism and separation of
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Unformatted text preview: powers. First, in the federalism system, the government is divided into different levels. In America, there are the federal, state, and local government bodies. At each of those levels (federal, state, and local) there is a division of power amongst a few branches. At the federal level for example, there is the executive branch, the judicial branch, and the congressional branch. The importance of having governing power divided up at each level of government is to establish a system of checks and balances. This system of dividing power also allows for single branches to focus on one area of governing. This is true for all levels of government. Through Stoker 2 separation of powers and federalism, the United States government is able to run smoothly and avoid any abuse of power through the system of checks and balances....
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Journal 4 - powers First in the federalism system the...

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