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Greg Stoker October 28, 2007 Crim101 Study Questions Chapters 5-7 1. Mens rea is criminal intent. 2. Actus Rea is criminal conduct. 3. A crime is an intentional violation of the criminal law or penal code committed with out defense or excuse. 4. The three indexes used to report and survey the occurrences of crime are: National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), Self Reported Crime Surveys, National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). 5. The crime rate is calculated by the number of crimes per unit of population. 6. The characteristics of the Crime Control Model are: traditional conservative values, control of criminal behavior, and emphasis on speediness. 7. The characteristics of the Due Process Model are: traditional liberal values, emphasis on protecting the innocent, and the doctrine of legal guilt. 8. Sir Robert Peel is considered to be the father of modern policing. He started the world’s first organized professional police service in England. 9. Role conflict is the psychological stress and frustration that results from trying to perform two or more incompatible responsibilities. 10. Aggressive patrol is having an entire patrol section make numerous traffic stops and field interrogations. Directive patrol is patrolling under guidance or orders on how to use patrol time. Full enforcement patrol is the style in which the police
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make an arrest for every violation of the law that comes to their attention. Selective enforcement patrol is the practice of relying on the judgment of police leadership and rank-and-file officers to decide which laws to enforce the most. 11. The theory of “broken windows” by James Q. Wilson is the idea that minor signs
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Crim-101 Questions 2 - Greg Stoker October 28, 2007 Crim101...

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