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Evolution Ask and Answer - Greg Stoker Biology 102 May 9...

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Greg Stoker Biology 102 May 9, 2007 A Study in Evolution: Are Polar Bears Going Extinct?
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When the average person thinks about the process of evolution, there is often little thought given to the end of a species existence, extinction. It is well known that the process of extinction has been around sine there has been life on planet earth. As human beings however, our time on the planet is a mere blink of an eye compared to the life of the planet and the countless species of organisms that have come and gone. Extinction is a natural process that can eventually allow for different species to arise. Causes of extinction can be extremely varied. From draught, to climate shift, to the meteor that struck the earth marking the end of the dinosaurs, extinction is a sometimes tragic, but natural process. What are not natural are the contributing factors threatening to cast one of the most beautiful and pristine animals on our planet, Ursus maritimus, the polar bear, into extinction forever.
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