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epic poem project - Raul Fright from Ali Ali an orphan was...

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Raul. Fright from Ali. Ali, an orphan was left alone in an unfamiliar high-society town. (Hunger, anger, broken out of money made him chose to steal for his needs.) This is the only type of life he is introduced to since he was little, and eventually it became a habit. He started robbing people, to fulfill his needs and wishes. As of now he is one of the” The most wanted criminals”. Now, he is the most powerful, wealthiest human being on Earth. Everyday he makes many illegal moves, in exchange for millions and billions of dollars. For instance, he sells drugs, robs rich people and many more unbelievable things. Ali threatens Richard, a honest, courteous, brave, bold, well-reputed and wealthy, businessman for $9 million, leaving Richard to die without offering a resistance, or go take a move against Ali. He fears that if Ali gets money from him then he will continue to threaten several other people for more money. Also, those like Ali will demand for money, and many more will follow him. Therefore, due to these reasons he refuses to Ali’s will. He also strongly believes that only God decides over people’s death. Richard’s courage to refuse to Ali’s will enraged him, which made Richard accept his death. Richard’s death brings darkness in his family’s dwelling. His family feels incomplete, and feels that happiness is taken away from their place forever. The arrival of Raul.
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Edgar, Richard’s son wants to take revenge from Ali for killing another innocent person. But, he thinks that he is not strong enough to win over Ali all by himself. Therefore, breaking his heart he believes that his dream will never come true of killing his father’s killer. At that very moment, Edgar says to himself that: “life is never fair”. Raul, Richard’s old friend’s son decides to help him in killing Ali, when he hears about Richard’s death and feels Edgar’s situation and his feelings. Raul is stopped from entering by a guard at Edgar’s place. A guard
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epic poem project - Raul Fright from Ali Ali an orphan was...

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