who is an american

who is an american - America's tragic flaw "I can...

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America's tragic flaw “I can understand why he did not see me as American. He had a narrow but widely shared sense of the past- a history that has viewed American as European in ancestry (Takaki 2)” Americans today who do not have a racial background from European are seen as foreign. The English view is still around today and plays a major role in history  about the white man's country . With the evidence in A Different Mirror, Who Is an American and the Ancestry of Inferiority. I will prove the role of race, ethnicity and the impact of the English view have constructed what it means to be an American. The history of racism is often invisible to the majority for several reasons they suffer less from it they do not attribute their misfortune to race they do not always see the suffering that people of color undergo; racism has been America's tragic flaw . The first English colonizer in the New World found that the Indians reminded then of the Irish because of their tribal organization, practices of herding, and they lacked knowledge of god and good manner. Indians “were depicted as cruel, barbarous and most
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who is an american - America's tragic flaw "I can...

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