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danceJazz - everyday life They danced for birth puberty...

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Jazz Dance "You couldn't sit still and listen because this music was hard to ignore. It just made you dance(Dancing, 34)". This quote describes Jazz music and how it makes people feel when they listened to its sounds. In the lecture my Dr.Smiley Jazz is characterized are to be earthy, in crouch position, animal imitations, improvistion and isolated body movements. I will be disscussing the four factors that influence the development of dance in America. Africans, Europeans, Jack Cole and Leon Jackson they all helped to shape Jazz dance throughout the years. Jazz dance is the most commonly seen on televiosn, theater performances and night clubs. The begining of Jazz came from Aficans there is a huge dance culture that was a part of Africans
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Unformatted text preview: everyday life. They danced for birth, puberty, marriage, and death since there was many different tribes in Africa each had its own unique style. Many Africans were forced out of their homeland and sent to Central and South America along with the Untied States. Soon after that black people ifluenced their dance moves on America. Minstrel shows played a powerful role in shaping what white poeple thought of blacks. During these shows white people would paint there faces black and perform different dances and skits. In 1910 ragtime originated from blacks displayed their rhythm through music. This paved the way for blacks to show off their dances moves with the charleston dance in the 1920's which was practiced by whites and blacks....
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