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tap dance journal - Tap Dance Joyous noisy expressive...

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Tap Dance Joyous, noisy, expressive, rhythmic action are all things that describe tap dancing. John Diamond and William Henry Lane are the major people who influenced tap dance I will go into detail with each one and how they influenced the development of tap. Tap uses the total body with combination of patterns of the feet and leg by shuffling or stamping along with heel toe actions. In tap, music is produced by the feet for the audience to listen carefully to the rhythmic sounds produced by the tap shoes. Three major influences of tap dance are the Irish, minstrel shows, vaudeville and dance performers.The Irish in 446AD would put pennies on the bottom of there shoes to stay warm in factories even though the Irish did not use this as entertainment this is a beginning thought to tap shoes. The minstrel shows had three parts to each show the speeches, olio, and the last part the song and dance. Minstrel shows lasted for 40 years and introduced dancers preforming on stage which helped for the development of tap dance. Minstrel shows lead into Vaudeville this introduced Fred Astair,
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