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study guide exam 3 - Study Guide to Exam Three Spring 2007...

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Study Guide to Exam Three Spring 2007 HESC 2413 Read Chapters 6, 8, 9, and 10, a and review all notes located in the Content area of WebCT. Chapter 8 Managing Economic Resources Know the steps to “Financial Success” and what issues couples have with money. Know of the terms in the chapter such as bankruptcy, goals and values. Bankruptcy: the state of being financially insolvent or unable to pay one’s bills Goals: specific, achievable objectives or purposes Values: personal, lasting, deeply held basic beliefs about what is good, desirable, and important in life Why is money such an emotional issue in most relationships? What are the top financial stressors for most couples? Wish partner was more careful with spending Have trouble saving Have problems deciding what is more important to purchase Major debts are a problem Partner tries to control the money Key Terms Personal Coping Resources : qualities that help people deal with stressors across the life cycle, such as individual’s self esteem and mastery Family Coping Resources : resources of a healthy family system on which the family can draw times of stress, including cohesion, adaptability, and a willingness to adopt nontraditional family roles in the face of changing economic circumstances Saver : a person whose money-handling style is characterized by compulsive saving, often to the point of having little money free for the essentials Spender : a person whose money handling style is characterized by a love of purchasing items for her or himself as well as for others Resources : assets that can be used to achieve goals; economic, human, and environmental tools Budgeting : the regular, systematic balancing of income and expenses Chapter 9 Intimacy, Friendship and Single hood
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What is the difference between friendship and love? What is contained in the Friendship Cluster and what is contained in the Love Cluster? Why are more people selecting single hood over marriage? o People are staying single longer due to and increase in education and career. With a high divorce rate some choose to stay single to prevent. Society is more accepting of single hood as a viable alternative. Define intimacy and how does it related to friendship and love? o Intimacy: being close to and sharing oneself with another. Intimacy takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work to develop and maintain. What are the games that people play? What games are constructive and what games are destructive? o Destructive Intimacy Games: conceal what you really want and manipulate their partner into doing or giving them what they want “I don’t care you decide”, “The ties that bind”, o Zero-Sum Game: there is a winner and a loser. o
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study guide exam 3 - Study Guide to Exam Three Spring 2007...

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