Study Guide for Chp 1 Comm Test

Study Guide for Chp 1 Comm Test - Chapters 1-7 Vocabulary...

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Chapters 1-7 Vocabulary for Test # 1 Communication: The simultaneous sharing and creating of meaning through human symbolic interaction. Communications vs. Communication: The 4 principles of Communication: Communication is a process, Communication is a system, Communication is both international and transactional, and Communication can be intentional or unintentional. The Components of Communication: Source: the creator of the message o Encoding o Sending (the message) o Reacting (source interpret the message) Interference: anything that changes the meaning of the intended message Channel: the route by which messages flow between sources and receivers. The usual communication channels are light and sound waves. Receiver: A receiver analyzes and interprets messages. This process is called decoding. The receiver reacts with body and facial movement. Feedback: the response to a message that a receiver sends back to a source. Allows the sender to determine if message was sent and understood. Environment: the psychological and physical surroundings in which communication occurs. Context: The broad circumstances or situation in which communication occurs. Types of Communication: Intrapersonal Communication: the process of understanding information within oneself. Occurs anytime we evaluate or attempt to understand the interaction that occurs between us and anything that communicates a message to us. Interpersonal Communication: The informal exchange of information between two or more people. o Dyadic Communication: an exchange of information between two people. Includes informal conversations as well as formal like interviews. o Interview: carefully planned and executed question-and-answer session desired to obtain information. o Small Group Communication: an exchange of information among a relatively small number of people (5-7) Public Communication: a message transmitted from one person who speaks to numerous of individuals who listen. Most common= Public Speech. Usually to inform, to persuade, or to entertain. Mass and Mediated Communication: o Mediated: any communication that is transmitted by some kind of mechanistic means (radio, TV, telephone, internet).
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o Mass: someone is communication with or to a large number of people (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, books, movies, etc) 5 Common Myths: Communication is a Cure-All: does not solve all problems Quantity and Quality: the more you communicate, the better….NOT Meaning is the words we use: Consider the context of the words. We have the natural ability to communicate: You don’t
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Study Guide for Chp 1 Comm Test - Chapters 1-7 Vocabulary...

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