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UC Davis - ANT 148A - Midterm 1 Material - ANT 148A Leah...

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ANT 148A 4/2/07 Leah [email protected] – Wed 3-5 Young Family, Kinship, and Lineage Family seen as basic unit/cell of society Very important to study social dynamics and organization of families 1. Family Forms a. Joint or extended family – parents living with married sons and their wives and their grand children i. Not always able to happen because its expensive, and need a house b. Stem family – parents living with their eldest son and his family 2. The Nature of Jia (ge-ah) a. The jia is a basic economic unit consisting of members related to each other by blood, marriage, or adoption and having common budget and common property holding unit b. Jia – c. Co-residing unit – not everyone always lives together…family still together even if they are separate by distance….children still send their check back to their fathers 3. Residential patterns a. Patrilineal society – tracing descent through the paternal line (father) i. Patrilocal – brides move into family of the groom ii. Virilocal – groom moves into family of the bride b. Traditional Chinese families feel that having girls is a loss (finically and emotionally) because they’ll move into another family once they get married…which is why they aren’t celebrated as much 4. Fenjia a. The division of the family though the division of property. The result in the formation of several smaller new families b. Takes place after the father dies or when there is a lot of tension among families…tension generated among the wives, because of their particular position c. Tend to be separate property holding units but they are still help out each other by sharing tools, but when it comes down to finance its their own d. Family not a static unchaning unit….there is a developmental cycle in the Chinese families…with nuclear families…. 5. Dynamics among family member a. Parent child relationship is the most important, like father son relationship b. Filiopiaity – sons loyalty to family very important
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c. Women have to shift their filiopiaity to other family once they get married d. Husband caught between his mother and his wife in terms of tension on who’s side to take 6. Recent Changes in Family Form and Life a. Establishment of republic of china – traditional family forum and values were attacked by the Red Guard…. b. Collectivization and the elimination of private property became the most important historical force that reshapes the Chinese family….a huge force because people lost their private property c. During the economic reform during the 1970’s after moa died. Government de-collectivized land for families. Another factor that significantly reshaped the Chinese family is the one-child-per-family policy…. i.
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UC Davis - ANT 148A - Midterm 1 Material - ANT 148A Leah...

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