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TOPIC 2: PART 2 THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION IV. CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION A. Formal Amendments—2-Step Process 1. Step 1- Propose Amendments a. 2/3rds vote in both houses of Congress. If some member of the House or Senate thinks the Constitution needs to be changed, he/she will submit a proposal. If it gets 2/3rds in one chamber and 2/3rds in the other chamber it is put up for ratification. b. 2/3rds of states (34 states) petition Congress to call a convention to propose amendments (every amendment so far has been done using the 1 st method; this one has never been used. It is important because it provides a mechanism for the states to initiate this formal amendment process. To amend the Articles of Confederation it needed all the states, the Constitution only needs 3/4ths.) c. Congress is always involved, but the States can initiate the process. 2. Step 2- Ratify Amendments a. 3/4ths of State legislatures (all of the amendments so far except 1 have been ratified by state legislatures) b. 3/4ths of State conventions (a convention is called in the state, delegates are chosen, and the delegates decide if the state will ratify the amendment. The only amendment that used this process was the amendment that repelled prohibition.)
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c. States must approve all changes. (Congress specifies which method is used to ratify the amendment) d. Politics of ratification (1) The first 26 amendments added to the constitution, with a couple of exceptions, successful amendments were ratified in 2 years. The constitution has no time limit concerning ratification. However, at the end of many amendments, congress has put a time limit on how long states have to ratify an amendment, it is often 7 years.
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