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topic 6 part 1

topic 6 part 1 - organizations b Has to do with membership...

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TOPIC 6: PART 1 POLITICAL PARTIES I. THE GENERAL NATURE OF POLITICAL PARTIES A. Definition: An organization that nominates and runs candidates for office under its own label B. Differences between Political Parties and Interest Group 1. Method of influencing politics a. Political parties influence the political process by running candidates under the party label (Democrats, Republicans, Librations) b. Interest groups influence the political process by contributing money to campaigns, encourage people to vote for candidates they like, lobby in Congress 2. Breadth and scope of issue concerns a. Political parties must have positions on the broad range of issues b. Interest groups by definition have a narrow focus 3. Private (interest groups) vs. Quasi-public (political parties) organizations a. Interest groups are private organizations, while Political parties are Quasi-public
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Unformatted text preview: organizations b. Has to do with membership and whether or not it can be restricted c. Public organizations can’t restrict citizens from participating. C. Membership in American Political Parties 1. Party in the electorate 2. Party in government 3. Party organization II. FUNCTIONS OF POLITICAL PARTIES A. Facilitate participation in the democratic process 1. Aggregate individual interests into broad coalitions 2. Simplify alternatives a. Political parties simplify this by each narrowing it down to one candidate. Republican choice-John McCain, Democrat-between Obama and Clinton 3. Stimulate interest in government and public affairs B. Agents of accountability 1. Organize government and promotes policy agenda 2. Minority party scrutinizes activities of majority party C. Mechanism for the peaceful resolution of conflict...
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topic 6 part 1 - organizations b Has to do with membership...

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