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Heat Convection Flow Chart

Heat Convection Flow Chart - (Turbulent Heat Mass Heat Mass...

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BE103B Spring 2007 L. Peng Roadmap to Completing an External Convection Problem Examine geometry of object Cylinder Flat plate Identify whether problem is a heat or mass transfer one, or both. Average Finding local or average h or h m ? Local Calculate: Calculate: Calculate: Crossflow Axial flow (Laminar) (Mixed/transition)
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Unformatted text preview: (Turbulent) Heat Mass Heat Mass A = 871 Mass A = 0 (Laminar) Heat Heat Mass (Turbulent) Heat Mass (Mixed/transition) Use av g. correl ati on Heat Mass Use table to obtain C and m based on Re. Find h or h m Use h or h m to solve for heat transfer rate, Biot #, etc....
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