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Exam 3 Review Q and As

Exam 3 Review Q and As - REL 2000 Exam 3 Review Questions 1...

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REL 2000 Exam 3 Review Questions 1. How do the great synagogues of Judaism reflect the situation of Jews in different times and places? -Their size mostly has to do with the prosperity of the Jews and how much they get along with the people of the country or place in which the synagogue is constructed -Are times good or bad? Are they at risk for exile? 2. In what ways does Julian of Norwich use orthodox Christian doctrine but take liberties with metaphor? -She was an Anchorite -Lived in seclusion and offered prayer and religious advice in return for support from the community (she was unmarried) -liberties w/ metaphor: God as mother, Christ as mother, not as woman -Saying they were woman would have been heretical 3. Give some examples of how Sufis may be described as “impatient” to seek God. -They act only for the praise of God, not that of men. -Everything in the world can remind a Sufi of God. -The Sufi only aim for God and only see God. -Ecstatics (‘spiritual drunkards’) -The soul is transported from the body and sometimes the experience is so intense the body has convulsions 4. What is surprising about the Book of Job? -Job never loses his belief in God -Job challenges God to a trial of sorts -what did I do to deserve this? -He has enough faith to challenge God 5. What factors led to the establishment of the ghetto of Venice? -In 1942 there was a mass expulsion of Jews from spain -by the 1530s there are no Jews left in England, France, Spain, or Portugal -Why Venice? -It’s a Port city, gateway to east, to Levant, to Ottoman Empire, Trade monopoly in Mediterranean -They had just had a series of Military defeats 6. Describe the situation in Venice of the relations between Jews and Christians. -Jews were made to stay in the ghettos, no matter what their class or status was.
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-Christians could come to the ghetto and Jews could leave from the ghetto to do business -There was no mixing of Jews to sleep, eat or at night -Jews rented homes from Christians at 3x what the price should have been
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