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MMNR Test 1 Review - of good service Captains mast captain...

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USMC Missions 1. Amphibious assaults 2. Land combat incident to naval campaigns 3. Additional duties; State Department guard duty, White House duties, security for naval  shore stations Five missions of the Navy 1. Projection of power from land and sea 2. Sea control and maritime supremacy 3. Strategic deterrence 4. Strategic sealift 5. Forward naval presence Total force concept: seamless integration into the fleet. The reservists being able to be called to  a ship for a mission and having them know what to do and how to carry out their jobs without  much confusion Rating: occupation or job someone is specifically assigned Pay Grade: what level a person is at (E-4 or O-6 or whatever) Rate: a combination of rating and pay grade (BM 1 ) Hash marks on sleeve. One for each 4 years or service (scarlet) then turn to gold after 12 years 
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Unformatted text preview: of good service Captains mast: captain has final decision of what to do to the offender At sea, captains mast is mandatory, but in port, one can refuse captains mast. Then the case is brought to a court martial Court Martial: (going up in severity) 1. Summary 2. Special 3. General Non-judicial punishment is for minor offenses POWs required to tell captives: 1. Name 2. Rank 3. DOB 4. Service number Conditions of Readiness 1. Max state of readiness. All battle stations manned 2AS. Anti-Submarine warfare. All those involved in anti-submarine warfare are manning battle stations 2AW. Anti-air warfare. All those involved in anti-air warfare are manning battle stations 3. Wartime Cruising. 1/3 of crew is on watch 4. Normal Peacetime Cruising 5. Peacetime watch in port...
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