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Cassie Rodenberg Ch. 5 and 7 Discussion Points February 5, 2008 Ch. 5 1. What are the different approaches for different types of interviews? For instance, how do you change your interview technique for investigative vs. celebrity journalism? 2. What is an effective way of getting information out of a difficult interview? How do you open up a timid/closed interview? Ch. 7 1. Is there an appropriate time to ever use passive voice in a news lead? Passive
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Unformatted text preview: voice is a much weaker approach does it fail to grab the readers attention and cause them to quit reading your article? 2. Sometime crystal ball leads sound interesting are they really that wrong to use? True, people rarely think ahead while they are choking, for example, but it makes it interesting for the reader. Is it that much of a journalistic faux pas?...
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