ch. 1 - 3 summary

ch. 1 - 3 summary - no longer be a single entity, says...

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Multimedia World Cassie Rodenberg January 27, 2008 Media organizations are doing anything and everything to be noticed by the public, using formats from newspapers to websites with video clips. “Instead of competing with one another, the different media cooperate and contribute to the total product,” says Rich. In order to continue public appeal, reporters must be able to converge and work with many different types of media, such as news updates on websites, blogs, newspaper publication and television broadcast. “Most editors in convergent newsrooms praise the partnerships, but the marriages are not without problems,” says Rich when talking about multi-talented reporters. When media methods began changing, the nature of the news changed as well, becoming more centered around on-demand online sources rather than written daily newspapers. “Online news is accompanied by links to related information, so a news story may
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Unformatted text preview: no longer be a single entity, says Rich. Even with the changing media, basic news and reporting skills are essential to write for any medium, as well as knowing qualities of a good news story. Good qualities for news reporting are: Timeliness and proximity Impact and helpfulness Celebrities and entertainment Human interest and conflict Unusual nature Along with qualities of a good news story, a writer must be able to produce both hard and soft news stories as well as the presentation of proper visual aids. Most people only scan the newspaper, looking at headlines and graphics, and that they read very few stories all the way through, says Rich, stressing the importance of good visuals. A news story is not complete without adding all essential elements together, each as important as the next in terms of efficacy....
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ch. 1 - 3 summary - no longer be a single entity, says...

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