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304 Exercise One - This is NOT a graded exercise. The...

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304 Exercise One Exercise One: Due by midnight 14 January 2008. What is intelligence and what should it do? Please answer this question in half a page or less. Do no research; just reflect and say what you think based on what you know as of today, the first day of class. Please turn in your response via e-mail to the class blackboard website by midnight on Monday, 14 January 2008 On the same page, please also provide a brief review of your academic background/experiences and what you hope to get out of this class.
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Unformatted text preview: This is NOT a graded exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to allow me to assess your thinking about intelligence and to highlight specific issues to be addressed during class. You should keep a copy of your response to the question as a comparative basis to measure your learning in this class; the final exam will contain a similar question which you will be able to answer in significantly more detail and with more precision....
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