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1 Economics 313-1 Cornell U. Talia Bar Spring 2008 Intermediate Microeconomics Mini Schedule 3 The Consumer- Continued Revealed Preferences (Chapter 7-1.4, see comment below) Endowment bundles (Chapter 9-9.4) The budget with endowment The effect of endowment change The effect of price change Labor Supply (Chapter 9.8-9.10) Labor/ leisure choice Comparative statics Overtime pay Intertemporal Choice (Chapters 10) Interest rate Intertemporal budget constraint Preferences and choice
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Unformatted text preview: Lender/borrower Present value A bond Inflation Uncertainty (Chapter 12) States of nature Contingent consumption plan Expected utility Risk averse/ risk neutral/ risk loving Certainly equivalent (see notes or problem set) Applications to: Insurance Investing in a risky asset Comment: We will cover Revealed Preferences very briefly. Chapter 7-7.4 contains relevant readings, but it is more comprehensive than we will cover in class. You may read your notes only if you prefer....
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