beowulf - Blake Allen English 225 Dr. Raber February 14,...

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Blake Allen English 225 Dr. Raber February 14, 2008 Beowulf The warrior culture that produced the story of Beowulf’s life was based partially of the idea of a Scyld Scefing or a “good king”. This society was also a treasure based one and it was the duty of the king to both gain this treasure and distribute it among his loyal kinsman. A good king was supposed to be young, healthy and strong. He would seek out battles along with bringing glory and gold to his people by winning these battles. Good kings were supposed to always be brave and the most honorable way for them to die was during a battle. I believe that Beowulf is a near perfect example of a Scyld Scefing, he possesses all the characteristics that traditionally defined a good king within this society. The ability to wage war was extremely important to this society and was one of the most vital characteristics that a king had to possess in order to be seen and remembered as a good king. Beowulf throughout his life actively sake out opponents several times in order to demonstrate both his skill as a warrior and his bravery. The first time Beowulf appears in Beowulf is when he willingly comes to the land of the Danes to help in fighting Grendel. He had heard of the trouble in Hrothgar’s hall, Heorot, and this story brought him to the land of the Danes to offer his skill as a warrior to Hrothgar. Once Beowulf arrived at Heorot he single handedly kills both Grendel and his mother, “Among many treasures, the Weders’ warlord took only two: the head and the hilt,
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studded with gems. The sword had melted.” (Page 63). Once Beowulf had killed Grendel’s mother he took the head of Grendel and the hilt of the sword that he used to kill the mother back to Hrothgar as proof that both were indeed dead and offered these items as gifts to the king. Hrothgar rewared Beowulf with lavish gifts of gold, horses and a seat of honor at his table for ridding the hall of Grendel and his mother. Once Beowulf returned to his own land with the treasure he had received from Hrothgar he was also
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beowulf - Blake Allen English 225 Dr. Raber February 14,...

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