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Sheet1 Page 1 There have to be 2 different books in penrose library with the same number of pages, because even with the estimate of maximum pages in a book being over 10000, there are over 3 million books in the penrose library, meaning at least 2 books have the same number of pages. You open box B because both statements must be true, because one statement says at least one box must have 1 million dollars in it. Therefore if one has to be true, so does the other which says the snake is in box B. First, a cannibal needs to take a missionary to side b. then he needs to
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Unformatted text preview: return, and take a cannibal to side b. the cannibal needs to go back and pick up the second missionary and take him to side b. he then needs to go back and pick up the last missionary, take him to side b, and do the same with the last cannibal. You must pull out 3 socks to guarantee that you have one pair of matching socks, 5 socks to get 2 good pairs, and 7 to make sure you have 2 pairs of black socks. 111 numbers out of 1000 have a 3 in them....
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