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Floating Object and Floating Object and Simple Harmonic Motion Simple Harmonic Motion (14.66) (14.66) A M h ρ d Object floating means buoyant force = weight Mg = ( ρ Ad)g d = M/ ρ A A M h ρ d+y Object floating with extra force F means more buoyant force Mg + F = ( ρ Ad)g + ( ρ Ay)g y = F/
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Unformatted text preview: ρ Ag F When F is removed then there will be an extra upward buoyant force = ( ρ Ay)g F extra = -ρ Agy (negative because y is positive in downward direction) F extra = Md 2 y/dt 2 = -ρ Agy d 2 y/dt 2 = -( ρ Ag/M)y ω 2 = ρ Ag/M...
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