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lecture22HeatConduction - H = k copper A(T M T C/L copper...

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Heat Conduction Through Connected Bars Heat Conduction Through Connected Bars (Ex 17.13) (Ex 17.13) 0.10 m steel 0.20 m copper T H = 100 0 C T C = 0 0 C T M = ? A A What is the temperature T M and what is the heat flow H ? There are two heat conductivity equations H = k steel A (T H - T M )/L steel and
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Unformatted text preview: H = k copper A (T M- T C )/L copper The rate of heat transfer is the same in both bars From these two equations we can get T M = 20.7 o C After we know the value of T M we can get H = 15.9 Watts Cross sectional area A = 0.0004 m 2 H H...
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