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10-3 exam 1 review

10-3 exam 1 review - EXAM 1 REVIEW Production number is a...

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EXAM 1 REVIEW Production number is a music number in a musical (dance and song) - “I’m just a girl who can’t say no” - “Many a day” - “Everything is up to date in Kansas City” - “The farm man and ___ should be friends” - “Oklahoma!” hughe jackman version 1. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning! - Curly cowboy boots, leather slacks 2. The Surrey With The Fringe on Top - Curly & Laurey Laurey wearing overalls 3. Kansas City - Will Parker guy that marries (whore) annie 4. I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No - Ado Annie omg fucking slut 5. Many A New Day - Laurey & Girls still a tomboy 6. It's A Scandal! It's A Outrage - Male Chorus peddler gets forced to marry 7. People Will Say We're In Love - Curly & Laurey sill tomboy 8. Poor Jud Is Dead - Curly & Jud cleaning his gun 9. Lonely Room - Jud he is a crazy virgin 10. Out Of My Dreams - Girls in a dress now- things get dreamy | Curly in a suit | Jud ruins dream 11. The Farmer & The Cowman - Company everyone dressed up 12. All Er Nothin - Will Parker august 15 th first time she was kissed 13.
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