Odysseus - Book 2-4 The suitors realize Telemachus isnt...

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Odysseus Book 1 Athena, as Menthis, comes to Telemachus. She makes up a bunch of shit to tell him. Telemachus hates all the suitors in his father’s house eating up all his fucking shit. Telemachus actually isn’t completely sure if Odysseus is really is biological father. Telemachus blamed the gods for taking away his father. If his father were dead there would be a ceremony in respect to his courage in the war. The honor would pass down from father to son; from Odysseus to Telemachus. Athena, pissed as fuck, tells Telemachus to get together an assembly to gather a crew in search for his father. If he hears rumors of his father aliveness to hold out for a year If he hears he is dead to come home and give him a requiem. Marry off his mother. Fucking murder the shits out of the suitors. “Be a man. Stop acting like a little bitch boy.” She made him courageous again; he knew Menthis had been a god.
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Unformatted text preview: Book 2-4 The suitors realize Telemachus isnt such a bitch anymore, so they try to fuck him up and get rid of him. Telemachus takes Athenas word and leaves He goes in search for his father. Book 5 Odysseus remains trapped by Calypso on Ogygia. They screw for about 7 years. Hermes order Calypso to release him. Zeus wants you to send him back home. Now. Then Calypso snaps. She settles and lets him go. She tells him he can go, he snaps and makes her promise she is not tricking him. He eats. Odysseus is destined to suffer before getting home. She tells him this convincing him to stay, saying he will live deathless. They have one last fuck. Book 6-8 Odysseus leaves Ogygia. His ship gets fucked up. He washes up on Phaeacian (king Alcinous; wife Arete; daughter Nausicaa) Book 9 Odysseus narrates his escape from Polyphemus- Cyclops, how he got him drunk. Book 10...
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Odysseus - Book 2-4 The suitors realize Telemachus isnt...

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