9-19 excerpts from Homer

9-19 excerpts from Homer - In this excerpt from book three...

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In this excerpt from book three of Homer's Iliad , the two men involved with Helen face each other directly on the battlefield. Menelaus is the Greek man married to Helen; Paris is the Trojan shepherd who has run off with Helen, aided by Aphrodite who gave Helen to him as a reward. This is the translation of E. V. Rieu published by Penguin: ". . . when both had got themselves ready, each behind his own front line, they strode out between the two forces, looking so terrible that the spectators were spellbound, horse-taming Trojans and Achaean men-at- arms alike. The two men took their stations not far from one another on the measured piece of ground, and in mutual fury brandished their weapons. Paris was the first to hurl his long-shadowed spear. It landed on the round shield of Menelaus. But the bronze did not break through; the point was bent back by the stout shield. Then Menelaus son of Atreus brought his spear into play, with a prayer to Father Zeus: ' Grant me revenge, King Zeus, on Paris, the man who wronged me in the beginning. Use my hands to bring him down, so that our children's children may still shudder at the thought of injuring a host who has received them kindly.' With that, he balanced his long-shadowed spear and hurled it. The heavy weapon struck the round shield of Priam's son. It pierced the glittering shield, forced its way through the ornated cuirass, and pressing straight on tore the tunic on Paris' flank. But Paris swerved, and so avoided death. Menelaus then drew his silver-mounted sword, swung it back, and brought it down on the ridge of his
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9-19 excerpts from Homer - In this excerpt from book three...

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