10-15 The Origins of Political Theater

10-15 The Origins of Political Theater - rather than gods....

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The Origins of Political Theater: Ancient Greece - Inspired by the Greeks - First anti-theatrical prejudice BEFORE THEATRE, WHAT? - Storytelling - Ritual ceremonies - Dithyramb: o Dance chant fertility ritual. CITY DIONYSIA - Dithyramb came first - o Orgy-fest o Estasis ATHENS - Most prominent Greek city-state SO HOW DID IT START?
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- 600b.c. first time dithyramb was recorded - 675b.c. first protagonist o Thespis stepped out of dithyramb as an actor - 3 comedies; 1 tragedy AESCHYLUS CHANGES EVERYTHING - Changes dithyramb to a drama by adding the antagonist - Now has 2 people stepped out having a dialogue with each other - Introduces props and scenery - The Persians first one? SOPHOCLES PWNS AESCHYLUS - Sophocles wins the City Dionysus - Adds a third actor - Emphasizes drama between humans; begins talking more about humans,
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Unformatted text preview: rather than gods. o Human nature o Humanity-Adds 3 rd actor EURIPIDIES BRINGS TRAGEDY DOWN TO EARTH-Common people-1rst political theater writer-Showed realities of war-Criticized religion GREEK TRAGIC FORM (much like climatic plot)-Prologue-Paridos o Entrance way and entrance of chorus-Five dramatic scenes-Komos-Exodus the exit NEW COMEDY TAKES OVER-New form of comic-CONTEMPORARY THEATRES DEBT TO THE GREEKS-Idea of catharsis purification, cleansing of pity and fear-Theatre as civically valuable-Theatre as transformative can change society SO WHY IS IT THE BIRTH place OF POLITICAL THEATRE?-Estasis (unleashed emotions) were uncontrollable argued by Plato-Theatre as a tool for social change...
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10-15 The Origins of Political Theater - rather than gods....

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