BIOL202 - Study Guide - Lecture 11 - Productivity and Energy

BIOL202 - Study Guide - Lecture 11 - Productivity and...

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LECTURE 11: STUDY GUIDE PRODUCTIVITY AND ENERGY FLOW IN ECOSYSTEMS Reading : Red/Black Campbell, 7 th ed, 1184-1194 Black/Green Campbell, 6 th ed. Chpt 54, pgs. 1198-1208 Terminology : ecosystem autotroph vs. heterotroph (text will help here, or see your notes from lecture) biomass primary producer vs. primary consumer vs. secondary consumer vs. tertiary consumer vs. quaternary consumer detritus and detritivores = decomposers (see text) Questions, etc.: 1. In what two forms does new biomass appear in a community? 2. What is the "primary productivity" of a community? What is “secondary productivity?” 3. Say you are doing an experiment that is looking at effects of water pH on primary productivity in pond ecosystems. In such ecosystems, most primary productivity comes from the increase in the biomass of algae. To do your study, you use 20 liter aquaria as “ponds.” Each aquarium gets the same amount of light but water of a different pH. You allow algae to grow in the aquaria for 6 months. In what two ways could you measure and calculate primary productivity? 4. a) What do we mean when we say that plants "fix" energy from the sun? Basically, they convert or “fix” solar energy into another form of energy. But what is that alternative form? b) Know the photosynthetic equation as it appears in your lecture notes. 5. Make sure that you have a very clear understanding of what biologists mean when
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BIOL202 - Study Guide - Lecture 11 - Productivity and...

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