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9-12 Comedy - Comedy QUIZ MONDAY Trifles raises question(is...

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Comedy QUIZ MONDAY Trifles – raises question (is it justifiable for a woman to kill a spouse/man?) Plot character, THOUGHT, Diction musical spectacle Diction - is the 3 basic forms of structure for script - Soliloquy the act of speaking while alone, especially when used as a theatrical device that allows a character's thoughts and ideas to be conveyed to the audience - Monologue a long speech done by one person (like soliloquy?) - Dialogue ? Music - The music in the play - Aristotle thought music is really important - All Greek plays utilize music Spectacle - Lighting, costumes, explosions, cool things that happen on stage - Movement of performers - Physical relationship of performers to other
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INSPIRATION FOR WRYITING A PLAY - A pre-existing story - An observed incident - A news clipping - An image - A song - A conversation - Etc. QUESTIONS FOR PLAY ANALYSIS - First impressions: informative but not actual answers to the play - Background: or context - “special world”: Ruled by cumquats who eat peanut butter - Action: what are the actions progress - Characters - Language: patterned? Musical?
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