9-12 disc What is an Actor

9-12 disc What is an Actor - -Imagination o Becoming...

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What is an actor? To act implies action Actors give life to characters that exist only on the page or in the mind. Actors build a collaborative connection with the audience . - “give and respond” with the audience - Getting a connection with somebody [weird, crazy, hot] Actors are responsible for making the art “live” in the moment, i.e. on stage. THE ACTOR’S KEY PHRASE - “Truthful living under imaginary circumstances.” (Stanislavsky)
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THREE DIFFERENT APPROACHES OF ACTOR PREPARATION:How to make yourself BELIEVABLE - External : relies on voice and body to create a role (largely a pre-twentieth century approach) - Internal : relies on emotional recall, personal experience, and psychology to create a role (largely a late-nineteenth/twentieth century approach) - Integrated : synthesizes the external and internal approaches o Knocked up How does an actor “find” their character? - Emotional Recall: to go back to a past experience - Observation: to spend a lot of time researching o Walk the Line
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Unformatted text preview: -Imagination: o Becoming Jane (Austin) STANISLAVSKY ACTING SYSTEM (1 ST TO WRITE DOWN WHAT GOOD ACTORS DO)-Konstantin Stanislavsky was a Russian director and actor (1863-1938)-Most taught American realistic acting system; inspired Strasberg, Adler, Meisner, and Hagen.-Traveled twice to America from the Moscow Art Theatre to perform and teach-Books: An Actor Prepares (1936), Building a Character (1948), Creating a Role (1961) COMPONENTS OF STANISLAVSKY TECHNIQUE-Being in the moment (p73)-The Magic If (p74)-Playing the Given Circumstances (p74)-Psychophysical action (p76)-Emotional recall (p76) IMPORTANT ACTING TERMINOLOGY-(Super)Objective: the ultimate goal a character is striving for-Obstacle: that which blocks the character from attaining their goal-Intention: what the character wants from another character-Motivation: an internal force that compels the character to act-Beat: the smallest units of action in a script...
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9-12 disc What is an Actor - -Imagination o Becoming...

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