BIOL202 - Study Guide - LAB FINAL practice

BIOL202 - Study Guide - LAB FINAL practice - PRACTICE...

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PRACTICE PROBLEMS FOR LAB FINAL Answers are in a separate file on the course website. Note: These are examples of some of the more math-type problems that may appear on the exam. There are other potential kinds of questions too; see from the various study guides for what those might be. Note: When working problems here or on the lab final, round every value off to two decimal places. 1. You are a biologist working for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The DNR is concerned about the stability of populations of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay. You are assigned the task of estimating blue crab abundance and density in one part of the bay, along the shores of Kent Island. You are also assigned the task of determining whether there is a relationship between crab density and water temperature. Some crab biologists suspect that crabs prefer cooler water temperatures to warmer water temperatures. Using scuba gear, you determine the number of crabs in 6 plots, measuring 20 by 20 m, around the island. Plots are located 0.25-2.0 km offshore. You also measure the water temperature at each sampling site. You do your study in January. Here are your data: Plot No. crabs Temperature (Celsius) 1 12 8 o 2 8 8 o 3 4 7 o 4 11 2 o 5 6 12 o 6 2 10 o Based on the data above, what do you estimate is the density of the crab population in the Kent Island area? Report your answer in "number of crabs per 100 square meters". 2. When sampling a patch of native prairie for a rare species of wildflower, you find an average of 5.6 flowers per quadrat. Your quadrats are circular and have a radius of 25 m. What is the density of wildflowers in this prairie in terms of estimated number of flowers per hectare? (Formula for area of circle: π ۰ r 2 = pi x radius squared) 3 . In one laboratory, students collected all the aquatic invertebrates in rectangular quadrat that measured 12 inches by 24
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course BIOL 201 taught by Professor Mechling during the Spring '07 term at Towson.

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BIOL202 - Study Guide - LAB FINAL practice - PRACTICE...

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