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BIOL201 - Study 8

BIOL201 - Study 8 - Biology 201 Cellular Biology and...

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Biology 201: Cellular Biology and Genetics Fall 2004 Study Guide: Chapter 8 1. Which types of macromolecules are present in biological membranes and in what proportions? 2. What functions do phospholipids play in membranes? 3. What functions do proteins play in biological membranes? 4. Describe the position of proteins in membranes. 5. Describe the movement of proteins and phospholipids within membranes, and an experiment that demonstrates such movement. 6. Explain the terms “fluid” and “mosaic” as they apply to our current model of membrane structure. 7. How are the cytoskeleton and the cell membrane related and what effect does that relationship have on the membrane? 8. Describe the permeability of membranes to charged, hydrophillic, and hydrophobic solutes. Describe the effect of solute size on membranes. Be able to predict relative permeability of various molecules. 9. Describe passive and active transport in thermodynamic terms. 10.
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