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BIOL201 - Test 2 - Test 2 Essay Questions (20 points) 1....

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Test 2 Essay Questions (20 points) 1. Describe the Fluid Mosaic model of membrane structure. You may use a drawing, but if you do so, you MUST accompany the drawing with text explanations. Be sure to include at least the following: A. Location and orientation of phospholipids B. Direction phospholipids can move C. Location and orientation of proteins D. Direction of protein movement E. Location of cholesterol F. Location of carbohydrates The phospholipids form a continuous bilayer, with the hydrophilic phosphate head groups oriented towards the outside of the bilayer where they will be in contact with aqueous solution, and the hydrophobic hydrocarbon tails oriented toward the center of the bilayer, where they are protected from contact with the aqueous environment. Phospholipids move primarily laterally within the membrane. That is, they move along the plane of the membrane. It is thought that phospholipids rarely , if ever, move across the membrane - ie. they do not “flip-flop” across the membrane dragging their hydrophilic head group through the hydrophobic core of the bilayer. Membrane proteins are found in two locations.
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BIOL201 - Test 2 - Test 2 Essay Questions (20 points) 1....

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