9-12 PROMETHEUS - PROMETHEUS Lecture Outline Classics 170...

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PROMETHEUS Lecture Outline Classics 170 Professor Gregory Staley KEY CHARACTERS, CONCEPTS Zeus: Prometheus ("Foresight") : meth=math=learning - Where the eagle bites (where they spear people at) - Exists as the anticiphist? Because Zeus hated humans o Let’s us feel better of ourselves. philanthropia ("love of the human race "): - Prometheus is driven by love in Isus’ version Epimetheus - Brother of Prometheus - “after” thought Structuralism - Atlas - Started the war with the Titans? - Has to hold up the sky Heracles - Etiological - The “origin” - Explains why humans are different from the gods Sacrifice - Trickster - Because Prometheus tricked Zeus (Atitio) Machia - Mach – Macho - Fight of the gods (titans are gods, not Olympian gods)
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Sickle - Used in castration - In destruction you have gained Women - Keeps hope because carries the future (child bearing) o To make men pursue her Hesiod's interpretation of Prometheus versus Aeschylus' interpretation of Prometheus Rock - On earth Eagle - Its Zeus’ bird Liver - Where Greeks thought emotions came from ASSIGNMENT: CM chapter 4, pp. 106-128 (it provides an introduction to the myth  of Prometheus and an overview of issues we will be discussing throughout this  week). Hesiod provides two accounts of Prometheus in two different poems: read  both, found in different places in CM:  Theogony , lines 289-400, CM pp. 94-97 and  Works and Days , CM pp. 130-132 (lines 58-128). I. Prometheus and Zeus
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9-12 PROMETHEUS - PROMETHEUS Lecture Outline Classics 170...

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