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MGMT Test 3 - What are the process perspectives on...

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Chapter 10 Individuals’ Performance is determined by………………… Content Perspectives focus on…………. What is the first and last need in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs? What is two-factor theory of motivation? What are hygiene factors and what are motivation factors? What are the weaknesses of Maslow’s theory? What are the criticisms of the Two-Factor Theory? What are McClelland’s Individual Human Needs?
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Unformatted text preview: What are the process perspectives on motivation? What is expectancy theory? What are the assumptions of the expectancy theory? What will people react if they feel under-rewarded under the equity theory? What are the assumptions of the Goal-Setting Theory? What are the characteristics of Goals? What is Reinforcement theory and what does it assume? What is Scanlon plan?...
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