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Chapter 2 Thursday, February 07, 2008 2:06 PM statistics Bi collect Argentite data analyses questions Make educated predictions find Areas or patterns statuses is the study are new to collect, summarize and interpret data, Data population _ a set at all existing mss one word chokeholds none uses sample - a subset E a population Cha send don was Lane into is on observation (example) variables - auscultate -not measured by a number eye color, guar, race, Ararat a meaningful some [ best footbath team nation nominee-no meaningful crew to the categories Egerder
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Unformatted text preview: avant-stative-measured by a number meant, weans, name ratio-some inamorato and distance between values m meaningful Eager heiant] htlevat- no meaning to distance between vanes and no "natural" too [temperature] Rest samples are, random-attars Os to name reliable statements about population based on sample and a good representative →z get random sample B 40 use random Fronses _ or 40 use systematic sapping (every 3rd person eating way to Drabble-variables...
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