Sampling Distribution

Sampling Distribution - and from sample at 37.5531...

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Sampling Distribution Tuesday, March 18, 2008 1:44 PM sanding assassin -dist 'n of Es method at statistical reference L) you red say your assumption B true or false. you can only say its likely or not Nicety. Recast. @ estimates seatmates oz he 68.0454" F = act = 66.6" 15 73.8 666 aunt 628 662 Note Twice variety or simple means ever Enough we mow earn are or samples caves from same population The has dista Facts about aster are * DE ten then Fr Mever K R not 2 wear sememeeSSay * r 3NE < has neon rx tenon * has mean IMac Mat Ma h8<0. neat o* EE as agents son Gus
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assts. . Memes as one (sample size) rises of smirks Suppose ^ I 49 ob grain freon normally asker RN, won meaner, side o
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Unformatted text preview: and from sample at 37.5531 --aslciaz Does NB suggest onset Ms 31? to answer Assume Me 31 s calculate pros E Te 3*5537 Drawn, fine 31, on so as For (337 gal # An (31,.1M2) We want Pr( Is 31.5531) IDramas: 335551-31 = Prize 4.84433=0007 _ ores suss on awe Os E are true neon B/ 37 a 0.01/1 n 1000) chance that were see a Somme neon or 31.553) or assumption seems measurable Recall U anemias aura-neurons turns cut that ten EVEN/ X is Not Central Limit Theorem says. if sample see B large ocean, Anan Ann no matte now a B assented. 400 large is large awan?38 ^= simple size onus) Rot." no...
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Sampling Distribution - and from sample at 37.5531...

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