chapter 8 - Liz Hight October 1, 2007 Chapter Eight 1....

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Liz Hight October 1, 2007 Chapter Eight 1. Learning Goal One o How does the body grow and change during early childhood? During childhood, children typically grow about 2.5 inches and gain roughly 5-7 pounds each year. But, growth patterns are individual, but girls are typically smaller and weigh less than boys of the same age. The brain is also maturing at this age, and experiences affect their cognitive abilities. During the ages of 3-6, children’s brains experience a growth spurt in the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain helps for organization and planning. Also during this age, myelination occurs and an increase of dopamine is found in the brain, which accounts for attention and memory. o What changes take place in motor development? Both gross and fine motor development takes place in the childhood years. By this age, gross motor development is automatic, but activities such as hopping, skipping, and running take place around three years old; stair climbing with one foot takes place around four years old; and around five, children race, climb, and become adventurous. Fine motor skills become more concrete around this age. A three year old often picks up tiny objects between their thumb and forefinger, but still needs practice. A four year old is good with puzzles, but still has slight trouble with building high towers, and a five year old has solidified their fine motor skills. o What role does nutrition play in early childhood? Nutrition and good eating habits are essential to teach to this age group because it affects their growth, body shape, and susceptibility to disease.
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chapter 8 - Liz Hight October 1, 2007 Chapter Eight 1....

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