Homosexual marraige speech

Homosexual marraige speech - America, as we know it, is the...

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America, as we know it, is the land of the free. Citizens of this great nation have many freedoms and rights that they are granted, such as the right of privacy, the freedom of speech, and the freedom of religion. Freedom of religion, however, can also be said freedom FROM religion. Whether you practice Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, or even atheism, you are welcome and accepted into this country. However, when the topic of gay marriage comes up in normal conversations, the main opposing point is that the bible does not agree with homosexuality. Stated in Leviticus 18:22, homosexuality is considered an abomination. At the time this was written, however, the people were very scientifically illiterate. They didn’t know how procreation worked, and thought that a man's "seed" was actually the baby, not just one of two things needed; they thought the woman was just an incubator. This is why the Bible states that a man can have children by several women, but the children are still full siblings not half siblings. They also thought that a man had only a limited supply of this "seed." So practicing homosexuality was not 1 but 2 men deciding to waste their "seed", meaning that up to a dozen women aren't getting pregnant and about a hundred kids aren't being born. They saw this, basically, as retroactive abortion on a mass scale. The bible also only condemned the activity of homosexuality as wrong, for this exact reason (not making babies). The bible condemns the act of masturbating by a man as wrong for the same reason. It mentions nothing about condemning homosexuality or masturbation in women, because they felt it did not matter for the fact that it would not wasting anything; there were plenty of women around but limited men (infant mortality rate in males was higher then in females). No where in the New Testament does it say outright that homosexuality is wrong. The bottom line is that biblical condemnation of homosexuality
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Homosexual marraige speech - America, as we know it, is the...

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