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Lect 2, text 9-20 - 1 Scientific Method in Nutrition...

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Scientific Method in Nutrition Research Scientific Method: method to test theories, involves three steps; 1. Make an observation— a. Framework for rest of method b. Observation must be complete and correct 2. Propose a hypotheses— a. Used to explain observations (why the event occurred) 3. Collect data— a. Collected, analyzed, and interpreted important Causal Relationships versus Correlations: - Cause-and-effect Relationships: describes situation where factor A causes factor V o An alteration in A will cause an alteration in B - Correlations: describes situation where change in A is related to change in B but not necessarily causal—only associated Simple Relationship versus Interaction: - Simple Relationship: relationship between two variables that cannot be altered by other factors (no influence by outside factors) - Interaction: several factors interact and influence outcome Study Designs Epidemiologic Studies: Testing for Correlations; - Epidemiologic Studies: study in which observations and record information o Used to determine correlations among various factors within large group of people o Used when not enough info known for causal hypothesis or when conducting another study would be impractical or unethical o Can be used to explore complex interactions that exist in genetic,
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Lect 2, text 9-20 - 1 Scientific Method in Nutrition...

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