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Henry 1 Jayne Henry English 102 Hattman 26 April 2007 Controversies of The Crucible and the Red Scare The play The Crucible was written by Arthur Miller and has caused many controversies in association to the Red Scare and Joseph McCarthy’s communist-hunting. The similarities between the two are very evident, and can also relate to current events. The Crucible is about the Salem witchcraft trials in colonial America. The accusations based on lack of evidence are comparable to how McCarthy accused government officials of being communist. Miller wrote his play, The Crucible during the time of the Red Scare, and he even claimed it to be a parody of the events. Because of this, many believed Miller to be communist, when in fact he was very innocent. Miller’s play was intended to entertain and inform America of how McCarthy was ruining lives, just as the young girls during the Salem Witchcraft trials. In the play The Crucible , the court which is dedicated to God’s law causes the death of innocent people through contradicting the Ten Commandments. This act shows what all humans are capable of in association with the Puritan practice and beliefs. In the court it is stated that they cannot expect those afflicted to admit their guilt, so they must rely on the victims. In doing this, it caused the death of even more people. What is truly terrible is that it happens again and again. This is referring to a similar situation that occurred more recently in Hitler’s Nazi Germany (“What”).
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Henry 2 The court, which is dedicated to God’s law, is directed by the strict Puritan church and belief system. The people that are accused of acting against God are therefore punished. The court which obeys God’s law breaks one of the Ten Commandments when punishing these wrong-doers. This shows that the Puritan people would rather disobey God than be associated with the devil or witchcraft. This is again repeated in Hitler’s Nazi Germany when Hitler decided to extinguish all citizens that did not have blue eyes, when he himself had brown eyes. This is reinforcing contradictory behaviors; therefore, the punishment the court chooses cannot be justified by God. The play takes place in the Puritan town of Salem, Massachusetts. It begins with a group of girls dancing in the forest and brewing a concoction over an open fire. Their dancing is soon interrupted by the town’s preacher and the girls scatter so that they are not caught. The next day, one of the girls does not wake up in the morning. While she is in a coma-like state the thought or idea of witchcraft is brought about in the village.
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the crucible and mccarthy - Henry 1 Jayne Henry English 102...

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